Pexline Freezing Conditions & Fire Information

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Freezing Conditions

Pexline PE-X Pipe is a good choice for water reticulation in climates where freezing conditions are possible.

Pexline PE-X Pipe will absorb the expansion of frozen water within itself as well as the additional expansion created by the water freezing inside a rigid fitting and expanding into the pipe.


Fire Information

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Pexline products are difficult to ignite, and are therefore defined as combustible, but not highly flammable.

Where Pexline PE-X pipe is installed and penetrates fire resistant construction, the fire resistant integrity of the construction must be retained. This can commonlybe achieved through the use of fire rated silicone (or similar) or fire-stop collars but refer to the local building code.

Fire collars are available from Allproof Industries, please contact them for more information.


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