Flow Rates for Polybutene-1 Pipe

Flow Rates at Specific Velocities for Polybutene-1 Pipe

18 PB 22 PB 28 PB
Velocity Flow Rate Velocity Flow Rate Velocity Flow Rate
1.6 m/s 11.8 L/min 1.6 m/s 23.4 L/min 1.6 m/s 37.9 L/min
2.4 m/s 17.7 L/min 2.4 m/s 34.9 L/min 2.4 m/s 56.8 L/min
3.0 m/s 22.1 L/min 3.0 m/s 43.8 L/min 3.0 m/s 71.0 L/min

Flow Rate Comparisons: Polybutene-1 vs PE-X & PP-R

These below graphs show the relative flow rates for 1 metre of straight Polybutene-1 pipe compared to the PE-X and PP-R equivalents (for both Type 18 and Type 22 pipe, and also with a straight connector attached in 2 of the scenarios).

You will note that Polybutene-1 performs much better than both PE-X and PP-R:

Flow Rate Comparison of Type 18 Pipe


Flow Rate Comparison of Type 18 Pipe + Straight Connector


Flow Rate Comparison of Type 22 Pipe


Flow Rate Comparison of Type 22 Pipe + Straight Connector












From the graphs it can be clearly seen that in both the 1/2" Noml and 3/4" Noml sizes, Buteline PB-1 pipe out-performs the other plastic pipes in terms of permissible flow through the pipe.

In general terms, the graphs clearly demonstrate that a 3/4" Noml PB-1 pipe will deliver around 30% more water than the equivalent PE-X pipe at a similar pressure.

The superior flow rate of Buteline PB-1 pipe gives many advantages to the end user.

Energy costs are reduced as less energy is required to move the water around the system, and the excellent flow characteristics of Buteline PB-1 pipe mean less turbulence within the pipework, in turn leading to a quieter plumbing system.

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