Gasline Tools & Accessories

The ability to make secure connections is vital to the effectiveness of a gas system. With the Gasline Gas System, pipe is inserted into the fitting and clamping it (some other systems call it “crimping”). Gasline clamp tools have “head” designs that allow easy access and alignment.

All tools are specifically engineered exclusively for Gasline fittings and pipe to ensure a simple, controlled, accurate joint every time.

Note that the 16mm Gasline ProClamp Tool (PROT3) is also able to be used on 15mm Buteline plumbing connections and 16mm Pexline plumbing connections.

Gasline Clamp Tools

Electric Clamp Tools & Jaws

Gasline Pipe Cutters

Gas Pipe Reamers

Fittings Cases

Learn more about the Gasline installation process

Learn more about the Gasline installation process

The installation process for Gasline is very quick and simple, and always provides a visual indicator of joint completion: Simply cut and ream, insert, clamp, complete!

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