Bute-Adapt Range

The Buteline adapt range has been developed by our R&D team keeping in mind the feedback that we have received from the plumbing industry over the past few years. This range helps our Buteline & Pexline range of fittings become more versatile so that transitioning from all the systems that are available in the market to our plumbing systems is made faster easier and more cost-effective.

The Bute-ADAPT range has a wide variety of transition fittings that help users transition from most of the systems in the market to our Buteline or Pexline range of fittings.

Our brass swivel fittings help you connect to your instantaneous hot water unit and ball valves, saving time on installation. They are also great for futureproofing maintenance by facilitating an easy change-out in the event of a repair!


  • Copper to Buteline
  • Copper to Pexline
  • PN20 Pex to Pexline
  • Pexline to Buteline
  • Brass Swivel Fittings


Bute-ADAPT Range

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