Buteline 'Pipe Pull' Demo

Strength in Plumbing

This Bute 'Pipe Pull' demo was conducted on the premises of our R&D division, and features one of our company utes (a Nissan Navara).

A length of 15mm Buteline pipe was connected end-to-end using a straight inline coupling (S15), and clamped at both ends using our standard FR20 clamp tool.

One end of the pipe loop was put around the towbar of our Nissan Navara, while the other end was put over and around a steel bollard.

We got in the Navara and slowly drove forward to see what would happen and if the Buteline joint would pull out. 

As the ute inched further away from the bollard, the pipe stretched...

... and stretched to over twice its original length... and then eventually snapped.

On inspection we discovered that the force had gotten so much that the pipe had burst before anything had happened to the joint. The joint itself was fine.

That is the strength of a Buteline joint. It won't pull out. It won't 'dis-assemble' -- and it can take so much force that you can tow your car with it.


This Buteline Pipe Joint Strength Demo video  demonstrates the strength of Buteline joints made using Buteline PB-1 pipe and Buteline fittings using a Buteline ProClamp tool. Each end of the pipe is attached to a ute -- watch what happens with and without the handbrake applied!

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