Gasline Warranty

25 Year Warranty

Buteline NZ Ltd (“Buteline”) warrants that all products within the Bute-Gasline System (including pipes and fittings) (“Gasline System”) will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 25 years from the date of manufacture (“Warranty”) and that the Gasline System meets:


-     The durability requirements of the New Zealand Building Code;

-     The Australia standard AS 4176.8.


This Warranty is strictly subject to the following terms and conditions.


Installation Requirements: Installation of the Gasline System must be carried out:


-         By a licensed gas fitter;

-      Strictly in accordance with the latest version available at the date of installation, of Buteline’s Technical & Installation Manual, which may be found at; and

-         In compliance with local and national gas fitting regulations.


Exclusions: This Warranty does not apply if:


-         The Installation Requirements set out above have not been met;

-     The Gasline System has not been installed in a proper and workmanlike manner to the highest possible standard expected of a licensed gas fitter;

-        The Gasline System has been installed in an incompatible or unsuitable environment where it is not fit for purpose, including if any system design incorporating the Gasline System is unsuitable;

-         The Gasline System has not been used or maintained in accordance with Buteline’s instructions;

-         The Gasline System has been modified, incorrectly adjusted or operated; or

-     The Gasline System has been subjected to corrosive or foreign solutions or chemicals internally within or externally around the Gasline System.


Consumer Guarantees Act: This Warranty is in addition to and does not exclude or limit a consumer’s rights in relation to the Gasline System or its installation under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.


Limitations: This Warranty is subject to the following limitations:


-       Buteline’s liability under this Warranty is limited to the cost of repairing or replacing the defective products within the Gasline System (at Buteline’s discretion).

-       Buteline will not be liable for the cost of any inspection, return, removal or reinstallation of any defective products or labour or other costs which may arise as a result of any claim under this Warranty.

-     The Warranty only applies to pipes, fittings and joints within the Gasline System and does not extend to any other pipe, fitting or joint not made by Buteline.

-         Any claim under this Warranty must be made within 30 days of any potential claim being identified.

-         Buteline does not in any way warrant the workmanship of any party that installs the Gasline System, nor does it warrant the system design incorporating the Gasline System by any party.

-         This Warranty is only valid for products sold and installed in New Zealand.


Claims: To claim under this Warranty:


-       Please contact Buteline at the following address: and send us the invoice for the products (as proof of purchase) and the installer’s details, including their gasfitting licence number.

-         A Buteline representative will be in contact within 48 hours of receipt of your claim.

-         Any products that are the subject of a claim cannot be destroyed or removed from the installation site until we have inspected the same or waived our right to do so in writing.

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