Introducing the Bute-Pexline Plumbing System


The Bute-Pexline (“Pexline”) Plumbing System has been developed by Buteline as an additional plumbing system for discerning plumbers and architects/specifiers. It is an innovative solution reflecting recent market trends.

The Polymer fittings are manufactured here in New Zealand and are the same easy-to-install one piece concept as Buteline, with the new SureFit design.

The Pexline Plumbing System complies with the Australian and New Zealand joint standards AS/NZS 2492, AS/NZS 2537 and Watermark. Quality controlled and tested in-house, the Pexline system is covered by extensive worldwide patents.

     Telarc Reg
  • Cost-competitive and startup packs available
  • Pexline polymer fittings have high tensile strength and excellent chemical resistance
  • Buteline 15mm ProClamp Tool (PRO18) can be used on 16mm Pexline
  • Transition fittings (PEX/PB/Cu)
  • PEX-B pipe
  • Sales and technical support nationwide

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Introducing the Pexline Plumbing System

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