Gasline Pipe

Gasline multilayer pipe (MLP) can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

Gasline pipe consists of 3 layers: an outer yellow PE-Xb layer then aluminium and then an inner black PE-Xb layer. It complies with the Australian and New Zealand joint standards AS/NZS 4176.8 and Watermark.

The Gasline system is quality controlled and also tested in-house, covered by extensive worldwide patents.
There is a 25 year guarantee when installed by a licensed gasfitter in accordance with the Gasline Technical & Installation Manual as well as local and national gasfitting regulations.

Learn more about the Gasline installation process

Learn more about the Gasline installation process

The installation process for Gasline is very quick and simple, and always provides a visual indicator of joint completion: Simply cut and ream, insert, clamp, complete!

Download the Gasline Manual play_arrow

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