Why Buteline CosyHome?

Key Advantages:

  • Part of the Buteline portfolio of quality products.
  • CosyHome can be used in conjunction with the Buteline globally acclaimed plumbing system, providing the homeowner with security and peace of mind as standard.
  • Offering a full free design and quotation service.
  • Providing a full guarantee with after sales support.
  • Many types of floor systems to suit various floor construction types.
  • Various control options to suit the homeowner’s needs from hard-wired to the latest app-controlled wireless technology.
  • Buteline PB-1 pipe is thermally efficient, allowing the heat to be retained in the floor for longer, providing the homeowner with energy savings and reduced running costs.


Contact us now to get a CosyHome Underfloor Heating System quote!

Buteline CosyHome Review

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