UFH Buteline Pipe

Polybutene-1 was developed over 30 years ago specifically for use as a hot and cold water plumbing pipe material. It is a proven solution for the conveyance of underfloor heating, central heating and clean healthy drinking water. Polybutene-1 has superior temperature capabilities compared to other types of materials as it can endure and continue to perform both in low temperature and high temperature applications.

Polybutene-1 is 100% recyclable which makes it a green and environmentally friendly product. It has superior acoustic and thermal properties and can sometimes reduce the need for lagging. Polybutene-1 is extremely flexible which assists installers to reduce the number of fittings required, improving installation times and eliminating water hammer noise.

Components and Temperature Controls

Water Temperature Controls 

Generally, underfloor heating systems will run at lower temperatures than traditional radiator systems meaning that water blending controls like our Buteline Pump Set are required; this is used in conjunction with a manifold which provides centralised access and distribution. The manifold allows for every loop of UFH pipe to be connected to and from this central point in a single continuous length without the need for fittings.




Our manifolds are high quality Nickel plated brass manifolds pre-assembled for immediate mounting. (These manifolds can also be used for radiator installations).

Available in 2 - 12 port sizes (each port connects a loop of UFH pipe) and complete with – Isolating ball valves, adjustable flow meters, fill and drain points, automatic air vents and pipe connectors (16x2mm unless otherwise specified).

Key features:

  • Available in 1”, from 2 to 12 port with integrated flow control valves.
  • Manifold flow and return bars are offset for space saving and ease of pipe installation.
  • Ball valves, fittings and pipe connectors for a wide range of pipe types and sizes are also available.

Pumps Sets

The Buteline ‘A’ rated pump pack provides temperature controlled water mixing to your underfloor heating manifold.

Capable of heat output up to 15kW. Specifically designed to be lightweight and compact, our packs connect directly to your manifold with no need for additional wall mounting brackets. Including an “A” rated pump, blending valve and manifold adaptors, our pump pack makes for a straightforward and reliable installation.

Key features:

  • Provides adjustable water blending for the most efficient system.
  • Adjustable between 35°C to 65°C (Set at 45°C).
  • Outputs up to 15kW.
Air Temperature Controls

Air Temperature Controls

At Buteline we offer a wide range of controls to create a comfortable indoor environment. An advantage of using manifold based underfloor heating is the possibility for each individual room in the building to have its own thermostat and individual temperature control allowing the user to tailor the heating in the building to suit their needs and save money on heating costs.

NEO Smart Thermostats

With our app controlled heating system the user can access from anywhere in the world. We offer a range of options within the Neo range: The Heatmiser neoStat is 230V powered and able to operate in Timer or Heating Mode and can be used with remote sensors.

The neoAir is ideal for those looking for a totally wire free App controllable solution for your heating & hot water.

Heatmiser Slimline Thermostats

The Heatmiser Slimline is a 230V powered Thermostat and is the ideal upgrade route for those with an existing mains powered thermostat.

The Slimline Thermostat can be set to work as a non programmable, 5/2 day or 7 day programmable thermostat.


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Installation Plan

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