The success of Buteline is due to its commitment to produce all system components to consistently high engineering standards and tolerances, while providing a quick, simple and reliable method of installation.

All Buteline products meet and exceed international industry standards and are protected by worldwide patents.

Quality Assurance Standards and Approvals

Buteline is proud to be a Quality Endorsed company with ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating its ability to continuously improve its systems and procedures.

DSCF7489  510x322.png

Buteline conducts all of its product research and development work within the group.

All the tools and dies required to manufacture the Buteline Plumbing System, are produced by the group's own tool-making division. Coupled with complete in-house test equipment, this ensures greater consistency in production and certainty that testing procedures are performed to provide quality control.

The Buteline Plumbing System is manufactured to conform to many international standards and approvals (some of which are pictured below), but specifically complies with the following:

  • United Kingdom BS 7291
  • Australia/NZ Joint Standard AS/NZS 2642
  • Australia/NZ Joint Standard AS/NZS 4129/4130 (PE pipe and fittings)
  • WaterMark AS/NZS 2642
  • WaterMark AS/NZS 4129 (PE fittings)
  • Malaysian Standard MS 1058 (PE pipe and fittings)
  • SPAN Approval
WRAS Approval
WRAS Approval
WaterMark AS/NZS 2642
WaterMark AS/NZS 2642

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