Buteline Underfloor Heating System

Why Choose the Buteline Underfloor Heating System?

By using an underfloor heating system it is possible to create indoor environments that offer exceptional comfort for occupants and offer energy saving efficiencies too. The radiant heat created at floor level is distributed evenly into the room for maximum comfort compared to radiators which heat the room by convection and create warm pockets of air.

Some of the benefits of Underfloor Heating:

  • Gives complete freedom for interior design, perfectly supporting minimalist styling with clean, uncluttered lines and open-plan living.
  • There is no wasted space with underfloor heating and no restrictions on furniture positioning.
  • The lower water running temperature requires less energy, reduces heating bills and lowers CO2 emissions.
  • Continuous loops of pipe in the floor promotes the smooth flow of water around the system, minimising noise for a more comfortable environment.
  • Lower running temperatures make underfloor heating ideal for use with renewable technologies.

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