Offsite & Modular

Buteline is one of the UK’s leading plumbing systems for the offsite and modular market due to its quick and simple pressing process and its space saving, component & o-ring free slimline fittings. It creates the most secure, leak free joint, completely removing the risk of leaks in confined and inaccessible places. Other benefits include a 25 year guarantee and being one of the most competitively priced products available in the market.


Why do our customers use The Buteline Plumbing System for their offsite installations? 

  • Quick and simple pressing process
  • Component & o-ring free fittings 
  • Unique, slimline, space saving system 
  • Industry leading cost competitiveness 
  • 25 year manufacturers guarantee 
  • Can be used in confined and inaccessible voids
  • No requirement for naked flame/hot works 
  • Delivers complete secure leak free joint security 
  • Environmentally friendly & 100% recyable 

For technical information on The Buteline Plumbing System, please download our Technical Submittal  or our Installation Manual here.    


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