Freezing Conditions & Fire Information

Freezing Conditions

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Buteline PB-1 Pipe is the preferred choice for water reticulation in climates where freezing conditions are possible. .

Buteline PB-1 Pipe will absorb the expansion of frozen water within itself as well as the additional expansion created by the water freezing inside a rigid fitting and expanding into the pipe.

Lagging of pipes is recommended when installing the system in places exposed to continuous freezing temperatures.


Fire Information

Buteline products are difficult to ignite, and are therefore defined as combustible, but not highly flammable.

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When Class 16 Buteline PB-1 pipe is heated in air, melting will occur at approximately 125°C, and decomposition will commence at about 300°C with the release of volatile lower molecular weight hydrocarbons. A flame or radiant heat source can ignite these. Once ignition has occurred, sufficient heat will be generated to continue decomposition, provided there is sufficient oxygen. Burning is accompanied by the release of flaming molten droplets of polymer.

CAS-No. for Polybutene-1 (PB-1): 9003-28-5

Calorific Value: 8000-11,000 kcal/kg

Where Buteline PB-1 pipe is installed and penetrates fire resistant construction, the fire resistant integrity of the construction must be retained. This can commonly be achieved through the use of fire rated silicone (or similar) or fire-stop collars but refer to the local building code.


Fire Protection

In tests performed at Springborn Laboratories in Enfield, Connecticut, Polybutylene-1 met the requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories test, regarding its fire resistance, and was classified as material UL94HB.

Where Buteline PB-1 penetrates fire resistant barriers, it must be installed to ensure the fire resistant integrity of the building is maintained (refer to local building codes).

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