Working Pressure

As stipulated in ISO 10508, the lifetime of Polybutene-1 (PB-1) pipe is 50 years and longer, according to permissible working pressure/temperature, as shown below:

Pipe Pressure / Temperature Rating for Polybutene-1 PN 16 (Working Pressures)

Temperature Pressure
ºC kPa P.S.I. Bar
20 1600 232 16.0
40 1370 198 13.7
60 1050 152 10.5
70 880 128 8.8
82 740 108 7.4

NOTE: Buteline PB-1 pipe has a maximum recommended everyday operating temperature of 82°C and it is not recommended for applications where the CONTINUOUS operating temperature may exceed this limit.

The Buteline plumbing system will operate at temperatures exceeding this limit (been tested and approved by WRAS to 95°C) and whilst this is not harmful to the system in the short term, it will prove detrimental to the long term performance of the Buteline PB-1 plumbing system and will greatly shorten the life expectancy of the entire system significantly below its intended design life.

As a responsible and transparent manufacturer, Buteline will not guarantee its PB-1 pipe and fitting system where the everyday operating conditions exceed 82°C and cause damage to the molecular structure of the polymers as a result of constant overheating.

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