Polyethylene has been the accepted material for the production of fittings and pressure pipes used in the distribution of drinking water for more than 50 years. Polyethylene is characterized by toughness, near-zero moisture absorption, excellent chemical resistance, excellent electrical insulating properties, low coefficient of friction and ease of processing.

However, due to its molecular structure, Polyethylene is suitable for cold water plumbing only -- exhibiting extremely good strength at room temperatures whilst retaining its flexibility and has longevity of life when used for cold water plumbing applications.

The Buteline PE System is predominantly used in the Asian markets, in higher temperature climates. This product is made by Buteline Malaysia Sdn Bhd.


Key Advantages of Polyethylene

  • More flexibility offered with PE pipe than metal, PVC or ABS pipes used for similar applications
  • Immune to scale build-up associated with conventional metal pipes
  • Good chemical resistance and high resistance to most household chemicals
  • Excellent impact resistance, even at low temperatures
  • High tensile strength when used for conveying cold water

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