Why use the Buteline 12mm system?

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Why use the Buteline 12mm system?

Buteline 12mm enables compliance with the efficiency requirements of NZS 4305:1996 Table 5 (shown below), which says where the pipeline supplying the kitchen sink tap is a combination of nominal bores, the total volume of water in the pipe run shall not exceed 2 litres.

A 25 metre run of 12mm Buteline PB-1 pipe will hold 1.8L of water.

Reduced volume of water in the pipe = Hot water arrives much quicker to the tap and less water is wasted. Less hot water sitting in the pipe after taps are closed = less energy wasted.

NZS 4305:1996 Table 5
Acceptable Maximum Pipe Lengths (Water Heater to Kitchen Tap)
Nominal Pipe Diameter 10mm (12mm) 15mm 20mm
Length 25m 12m 7m


PB-1 Pipe Volume (Litres)
Length (m) 12mm Pipe 15mm Pipe 20mm Pipe 28mm Pipe
1 0.07 0.13 0.27 0.41
5 0.37 0.67 1.3 2.0
10 0.73 1.3 2.7 4.0
15 1.1 2.0 4.0 6.1
20 1.4 2.7 5.4 8.1
25 1.8 1.8 6.7 10.2

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