Why does the one-piece design of a Buteline fitting work so well?

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Why does the one-piece design of a Buteline fitting work so well?

Designed using hydraulic engineering concepts proven on high pressure hydraulic fitting-to-hose connections, Buteline fittings have an outstanding feature which enable them to overcome high stresses experienced in installation and while in service. The aluminium rings transfer all loads applied on the tail section to the strongest section of the fittings, thereby eliminating the risk of failure.

1) 8mm WIDE FORGED CLAMP - Minimum working stress applied (approx. 0.5 ton per sq. in.) allowing pipe material to “flow” into insert tail grooves.

2) 2mm WIDE FLARE - No stress from clamping transmitted to insert tail or pipe at end of fitting. End of metal sleeve cannot impinge into pipe, even in bending.

3) TAPERED ENTRY, SMOOTH BORE - Minimises resistance to water flow.

4) METAL REINFORCING SLEEVE - Guarantees no stress break in this critical area.

5) FULL LENGTH ALUMINIUM SUPPORT - Provides additional rigidity and resistance to pull-off. Seals against dirt and moisture.

6) SUREFIT HELIX - Patented design feature prevents pipe from falling off, ensures precise positioning.

7) SEALING RIBS - Narrow lands with wide grooves ensure clamp stress is transferred into the pipe joint efficiently.

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