How is Buteline pipe tested?

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How is Buteline pipe tested?

Buteline pipe is tested to exacting national and international requirements with regards to compatibility with fittings, resistance to leakage when subjected to bending, resistance to pull out of assembled joints (as proven by The Buteline 'Pipe Pull' Demo -- you can literally tow your car using Buteline pipe), as well as thermal and pressure cycling.

Short term tests are carried out at a calculated pressure based on a given hoop stress pressure depending on the duration of the test. The tests are carried out at 95 ± 1°C for durations of 1 hour and 170 hours.

Long term tests are carried out based on the hoop stress pressures given for operating temperatures between 20°C and 95°C.

For more information about PB-1, please see Polybutene-1 Technical Information.

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