Can I install the Buteline Plumbing System underground?

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Can I install the Buteline Plumbing System underground?

Yes. Check that there are no sharp objects at the bottom of the trench that may penetrate or damage Buteline pipe. ‘Snake’ the pipe the entire length underground to allow for expansion and contraction. Trench depth and installation must conform to plumbing and drainage regulations.

If ‘jointing’ underground is necessary, wrap the aluminium rings of Buteline fittings directly and completely using a waterproof insulation tape such as Denso Tape or PVC insulation tape.

In areas of corrosive soil that consist of substances such as magnesium oxychloride (magensite), sodium choride (salt), coal wash, ammonia, acid sulphate soils, and lime, the metallic surface of Buteline fittings (brass / aluminium) must be continuously wrapped in a petrolatum (waterproof) taping material as per AS/NZS 3500.

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