Buteline plays its part in renovation

24 May 2019

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Buteline plays its part in renovation

24 May 2019

Buteline's polybutene clampseal plumbing system has been installed by West Midlands-based plumbing and home automation company, Unique Buildings, on a six-bedroom property in Birmingham.

Used in the creation of a waste water, hot and cold water and underfloor heating solution, Buteline's plastic barrier pipe has been installed due to the ease with which the system could be plumbed in addition to its excellent thermal properties. Considering this, Buteline's polybutene pipe is the only plastic barrier pipe to be developed specifically for the transfer of hold and cold potable water.

Ravinder Sandhu of Unique Buildings, was keen to use Buteline on the project due to the adaptability of the system. He said: "Having used Buteline for the past 18 months, we were familiar with the ways in which the system could be put to use. While the underfloor heating system required a specialist system to be fitted, it was still necessary to connect it to the hot water supply serving the house. Buteline's system was perfect for this due to the ease with which two different materials could be connected."

He continued: "Due to the nature of our company, installing plumbing solutions that can be automated and set to run by the occupant at a specified time using their mobile phone, we needed to install a long lasting and durable system that would deliver peace of mind not only to the building owner but also us as the installer. Buteline's polybutene plumbing system delivered on all counts, providing a system that was both easy to install and incredibly durable in terms of its ability to meet the expected needs of the system, especially considering the high profile nature of the project in question."

Easy to install, the Buteline system comprises flexible polybutene pipe that can be easily cut to size using a simple cutting tool. A one-piece Buteline fitting is then placed into the pipe before being clamp sealed using a specialist hand held clamp tool that applies up to six tonnes of pressure to the exterior of the fitting.

Comprising just three main elements - polybutene-1 pipe, one-piece fittings and the specialist clamp tool, the Buteline system is said to be far easier to install than alternative systems.

The one-piece fittings, which are available in an array of sizes and angles, can help to significantly speed up the installation process. With no moving parts, no O rings, no grab rings, no spacers and no need for pipe inserts, the Buteline fittings virtually eliminate the risk of error on the installers part. As such, the pipe will not snag on any parts internally eradicating the risk of unexpected leaks.


Article featured in Heating & Plumbing Monthly (to view the original article in a new window, please visit http://www.hpmmag.com/plumbingitem.asp?articleID=730)


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