Buteline helps Watkins get ahead at Bell Green

24 May 2019

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Buteline helps Watkins get ahead at Bell Green

24 May 2019

Watkins Plumbing and Mechanical Services recently put the Buteline Plumbing System to the test at Bell Green housing development in Sydenham, south London.

Brad Harding, managing director of C Watkins Plumbing, said: "A previous contractor had withdrawn from this development of 157 apartments at the last minute, leaving the plumbing aspect of the development some 40 units behind schedule. We used Buteline for the first time here, and rapidly made up the time, getting ahead of schedule. We now believe it's the way to go on apartments. It was absolutely essential that we didn't cut corners or have problems after installation. Obviously, we didn't want to incur penalties or have to fix leaks later - it's all about risk management. Buteline has actually helped to eliminate some of the risk."

Mick Grainger clamp seals a Buteline joint at Bell Green

Watkins' plumbing and heating engineer, Mick Grainger, also liked it. He said: "You can cut it easily in situ with a plastic pipe cutter, apply the fitting, which has no o-rings, inserts or moving parts and clamp it until the clamping tool clicks into place. With push-fit you have a rubber gasket that's bound to perish at some point, but this system doesn't have one, so you don't have that problem stored up for the future; and it takes no more time to install than a push-fit system."

Mick added: "The first thing that strikes you is that the coils are light and easy to handle; it's a one man job to unreel the length you need and manoeuvre it into place. Even if you're working above your head, the pipe is light, flexible and easy to feed through small gaps to put it where you want it before cutting it to the required length. It's very flexible but doesn't kink. Because it's a cold clamp system, there is no need for consumables such as solder, flux or gas for a blowtorch."

Buteline is a polybutene plumbing system which is cold clamped using what
Buteline terms the ClampSeal method. The system comprises of coils or straight lengths of polybutene pipes, a range of specially designed fittings, and a choice of clamping tools, including the smaller ProClamp Tool, which can be operated with one hand.

At Bell Green, the project required the installation of mainly 16 and 22mm pipe, although Buteline also comes in 10mm and 28mm sizes too. They used fittings which allowed them to connect Buteline pipes directly to the copper manifolds in each apartment, as well as a variety of fittings which allow pipes to be configured into almost any shape or configuration. Overall, they found they needed fewer joints than with either a copper or a push-fit system.

Article featured in Heating & Plumbing Monthly (to view the original article in a new window, please visit http://www.hpmmag.com/productitem.asp?articleID=1220

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