The Buteline Plumbing System is hygienic, non-toxic and complies with the requirements of AS 4020 – suitability of plumbing and water distribution system products for contact with potable water.

Buteline can provide a complete non-metallic plumbing system, thus providing water of superior quality.

Corrosion Free

Polybutene-1 (PB-1) pipe will not corrode like traditional pipes made of copper or GI because it does not react with ionic species commonly found in water and the service environment. Use of Buteline PB-1 Pipe enables the use of a wide variety of Buteline polymer fittings, eliminating the use of solder and solvents.

The Buteline PB-1 system, unlike copper, will not corrode and leach harmful and dangerous substances into the potable water.


No Scale Build-Up

A common and major problem encountered, particularly in “hard” water areas, is the build-up of scale on the internal walls of metal pipes, gradually reducing the internal bore and ultimately restricting flow and reducing water pressure at the faucet. This problem is costly and has a dramatic water wasting effect.

Being non-metallic, PB-1 pipes are not affected by scale build-up, making them an ideal installation choice.


Light Transmittance

Buteline pipe is pigmented and this prevents algae formation, thus providing clean drinking water. Buteline pipe also comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 2642 which allow a maximum light transmittance of 0.2%.