The Buteline Plumbing System is designed to be used with complete confidence. You will get a simple, controlled accurate joint every time. Below is a quick installation guide:

Step 1  Cut Buteline Pipe

Cut Buteline Pipe

Cut pipe to length squarely and cleanly using the Buteline pipe cutter.

To assist the pipe cutting process slightly twist the cutter as you begin to cut.






Step 2  Position the Clamp Ring

Slide the clamp ring onto the end of the pipe until the step in the ring comes against the end of the pipe.








Step 3  Position the Buteline 10mm Fitting

Push the tail of the fitting into the end of the pipe so that the shoulder of the fitting butts up against the end of the pipe.

Ensure that the fitting is correctly aligned to allow all the connections to be made properly.






Step 4  Clamp Fitting

Position the clamp tool squarely over the clamp ring with the jaws approximately 1mm from the outside end of the clamp ring.

Close the clamp tool handles completely until the jaws touch and hold closed, then release.




The process is complete!

Installing the Buteline Plumbing System is quick and sure and always provides a visual indicator of joint completion.

As you can see, the process of using the Buteline system is quick, simple and highly efficient.