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Architects and specifiers around a tableThe Buteline Plumbing System is made in New Zealand and features the use of Polybutene-1 pipe and thermoplastic fittings with pre-attached annealed aluminium clamp rings. These components do not corrode or leach harmful substances into the water, are pigmented against algae formation and the smoothness inside eliminates the formation of scale build-up.

The Buteline Plumbing System is hygienic, non-toxic and complies with the AS/NZS 4020 Food Grade Standard.

Able to withstand high temperatures and pressures, it also meets the exacting United Kingdom British Standard (BS 7291). Our unique range of polymer fitting solutions mean that aside from taps, it's also possible to have a complete system with no connection to metals.

Permanent and leakproof joints are made via a safe and efficient clamping method, using specifically designed Buteline clamp tools.

After installation by a licensed plumber, what you have is an integrally strong, dependable plumbing system that not only performs, but gives both you and your clients peace of mind.

There are environmental positives associated with the Buteline Plumbing System:

  • A Polybutene-1 piping system consumes 50% less energy in terms of production and installation compared to metallic systems, and has the least impact on the environment in terms of resulting emissions in soil, water and air (as found in a study conducted by the Technical University of Berlin).
  • The reduced amount of energy required for production + The lightness of polymers = Reduced fuel use, reduced carbon emissions and less pollution.
  • Sprues from the moulding process of fittings, filings from the de-burring of clamp rings and production wastage from machinery startups and shutdowns are all able to be recycled.
  • The low rate of thermal conductivity (especially when compared to metallic systems) means that heat loss from hot water pipes is reduced, resulting in energy savings, and that cold water is less likely to freeze in Polybutene-1 pipes in low temperatures.
  • A service lifetime of over 50 years means that there is reduced need to replace or dump Buteline pipes and fittings, resulting in less waste.

The Buteline Plumbing System is durable, and we offer a 25 year guarantee for our pipes and fittings.

View some of the many projects that Buteline have been involved in, both in the United Kingdom and around abroad.

If you have any questions or require more information regarding the specification of Buteline in your next project, please contact:

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