"I use Buteline as it's easy & quick and I love the way that you can insulate it. It's a professional plastic system with no way for the customer to tamper with it. It's just miles more professional. I've not had one issue or leak with the system & recommend Buteline all the time!"  
James Lawrence, Plumberparts

"I was first introduced to Buteline at Installer Live last year. Like trying anything new, it took me a couple of goes to get to grips with it but once I was up and running it is very easy. The sales after care has been brilliant, there's some really top people working at Buteline. I don't often use plastic but i'd definately reach for Buteline the next time I do."  
Drew Styles, Drew Styles Plumbing & Heating, UK Plumber of the year 2017/2018

"The main reasons that we switched over to using Buteline is that the coiled lengths come up to 28mm, the fittings sustain high pressures in testing and the product reassurance and back up that we received from Luke Hooper. Our installers have found the overall installation process positive and are pleased with the Buteline products and support. We would definately recommend Buteline and continue to install the Buteline Plumbing System where possible." 
Stephen Matheou, RG Taylor Engineering

"Both myself and my team find the installation of Buteline easy and quick. No hassle fiddling with inserts or struggling to push bulky fittings in tight spaces. We've installed miles of pipework and fittings and haven't encountered any problems or leaks. Our local rep Luke couldn't be more helpful, he checks up on us regularly and is always easy to contact if we have any technical questions. I would highly recommend Buteline and I push the use of it on every project that we undertake now"  
Aiden Brown, Mechanical Engineer at Thomas Sinden

"The main factor for our decision in using Buteline is the quality of its products. We need a good quality plastic pipe that can be installed efficiently without the dreaded water escape problem. The overall installation process is very good, it's nice and quick. The after sales care has been excellent too."  
Stephen Redmond, Managing Director of Redmond Group

"Buteline was the plumbing system that I was looking for from my time working in Australia. Once is was demonstrated by Luke it confirmed to me what a good system it is"
John Andrews, Harrisons Electrical

"I choose to use Buteline as it is easy to use and it has a 25 year guarantee on its pipework and fittings. It's less chunky than rival plastic fittings. The overall installation process is very straight forward. The sales after care has been top notch and I am now a regular user of Buteline. 100% recommend."
Jason Starr, Director of Eco-Starr Ltd

"The Quality of the products and the design parameters were the main factors in the decision to start using Buteline. The installation process has been good and haven't encountered any problems. The support has been great - it would be great to meet the team in New Zealand!"  
Paul Taylor, Managing Director of Taylor Heating

"Due to an increase in copper thefts in the UK, we are using Buteline's Polybutene Plumbing System more -- as thieves simply aren't stealing plastic pipes! Another advantage we've found when using Buteline is the speed of the installations -- we're completing jobs much faster without sacrificing the quality of our work." 
TPR Mechanical Services

"I've been very impressed by the Buteline Plumbing System -- it has become the standard plumbing system for all our future installs. The system is invulnerable to the effects of scoring, unlike push-fit systems. Buteline's clamping system also eliminates the need for nuts, washers and o-rings; it's a very impressive concept."
Ralph Gregory, Contracts Manager at Skaino Services

"Buteline's Polybutene pipe has outstanding resistance to low temperatures, which makes it absolutely ideal as it will not freeze in winter. In one recent project, the end user wanted to be entirely green and Buteline's own green credentials made it a great partner."
Garry Harris, installer

"Buteline's Polybutene Plumbing System delivered on all counts, providing a system that was both easy to install and incredibly durable in terms of its ability to meet the expected needs of the system, especially considering the high profile nature of some of the projects we work on."
Ravinder Sandhu, Unique Buildings

"We started using Buteline some time ago and have not looked back. The system itself is easy to install and offers significant time-saving benefits, particularly when compared to traditional copper or even plastic push-fit systems. By eliminating the need for a naked flame, the Buteline system is far safer to install than a copper system. Thanks to its three part cold mechanical weld jointing system using the easy-to-operate clamp tool, a join can be made that is so secure it will never come apart."
Mark Page, Director of PAN Plumbing

"The security of the fixing method is ideal. We have experienced difficulties with the security of push-fit systems but with Buteline, even smaller fixings, up to 28mm, are very secure with no risk of user error. Thanks to the ease with which Buteline can be installed there is no need to lag pipes and installation time can be significantly reduced."
Shaun Farrow, Director of Farrow & Turner

"Buteline's Polybutene ClampSeal system has significantly helped to speed up installation due to the ability to easily bend the pipe in tight spaces. Similarly, the ClampSeal fixing method has dramatically helped to cut the time taken to join sections together leading to an even greater saving, both in terms of time and the associated labour costs involved, allowing us to talke on more work as a result.
The Buteline system provides us with the peace of mind that, once installed, there will be no problems with the system leaking."
Michael Cockroft, Duncroft Plumbing & Heating Ltd

"Aside from the ease with which the Buteline system can be installed, I was extremely impressed with the way in which the system could be used alongside copper piping to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted transition from one material to another."
Richard Smith, Plumbline Services

"Following demand from customers, notably Plumbline, we decided to give the Buteline system a go and haven't looked back since."
Kirk Holloway, Sales & Technical Manager at Ebberns Plumbing & Heating Ltd 

"Buteline is great stuff, I like it because the joints are easy and no leaks, and it's a more professional looking product. That's why I'm installing it for plumbing and heating services in my own house, plumbers only fit the best in their own properties."
Chris Flaherty, Vietec Heating 

"It's the nutz! Life without inserts!!! Lovely!"
Gary Cridge, Plumber2Day

"We're familiar with your ClampSeal system -- a very clever way of plumbing!"
Graham, The Plumber's Merchant

"The Buteline product sells well and all our existing customers that are using it keep returning for more. Even when competing against other plastic products, Buteline's features and benefits sell themselves and we are sure it is the way forward within the clamping sector of the plumbing market."
Steve Wimbledon, Managing Director of Plumb City Ltd

"You can cut it easily in situ with a plastic pipe cutter, apply the fitting, which has no o-rings, inserts or moving parts and clamp it until the clamping tool clicks into place. With push-fit you have a rubber gasket that's bound to perish at some point, but this system doesn't have one, so you don't have that problem stored up for the future; and it takes no more time to install than a push-fit system."
Mick Grainger, plumbing and heating engineer 

"We now believe it's the way to go on apartments. Obviously, we didn't want to incur penalties or have to fix leaks later - it's all about risk management. Buteline has actually helped to eliminate some of the risk."
Brad Harding, Managing Director of C Watkins Plumbing Ltd 

"Buteline is great to work with and is much easier to install when compared to copper and other plastic plumbing systems. Not only is the product simple to use, but it's incredibly reliable - you don't expect call backs upon the completion of a job."
Dan Boot, Director of Celsius Heating