Unitec Factory Tour 26-09-12

24 May 2019

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Unitec Factory Tour 26-09-12

24 May 2019

Another 25 Plumbing & Gasfitting students from Unitec visited Buteline for a comprehensive Factory Tour and basic training course. 

If your plumbing company or training organization would like to attend a Factory Tour to gain better understanding of our product and obtain free technical advice, please call 0800 BUTELINE or your local Buteline representative to arrange.

The students watched Buteline products being manufactured while learning more about each part of the system and the processes involved.

After being shown how to properly install the Buteline Plumbing System, they were treated to a Bute lunch, and watched a live Bute Pipe Joint Strength Demo with a handbraked 3.85 tonne forkhoist and a ute (similar to http://youtu.be/ypQU436N2EI). Each attendee also received a certificate.

Unitec students in the Buteline factory

Learning about how Buteline fittings are put together and tested

Mark demonstrates the correct way to clamp a Buteline fitting to pipe

Learning about the pipe extrusion process

Setting up the BUTE Pipe Joint Strength Demo (aka "The Tow Test")

Driving the ute away from the handbraked 3.85 tonne forklift stretches the pipe...

Unitec students watching The Tow Test

The Buteline joint is still intact AND has not been pulled apart, even after the pipe has finally snapped

Unitec students with their certificates

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