Vital to the effectiveness of a plumbing system is the ability to have connections made securely. The way this is done with the Buteline Plumbing System is by inserting pipe into the fitting and clamping it (some other plumbing systems call it 'crimping'). (Download our Plumbers Clamp Tool Technical Guide for more information).

Buteline clamp tools (as opposed to 'crimpers') are robust, designed to perform up to a consistent high standard, and are easy to maintain (simply clean and lubricate moving parts regularly). All tools have been specifically engineered exclusively for the Buteline Plumbing System to ensure a simple, accurate, watertight joint every time. Our 'head' designs permit easy access and alignment.

As the clamp tool clamps on to the aluminium sleeve, it 'work hardens' the section within the jaws of the tool, making a watertight joint and leaving a section of the aluminium sleeve on both sides still in the annealed state. This ensures that there is no stress on the pipe or the Buteline fitting.

Have a look at The Buteline 'Pipe Pull' Demo to find out how strong a correctly clamped Buteline joint is!

Buteline clamp tools are available in 4 sizes to suit 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm Buteline fittings.
If you have the new style of 28mm tool, over time you may need to adjust your 28mm clamp tool.

Buteline have also released the QuikClamp mini tool (available in 12mm and 15mm) and the ProClamp tools (available in 15mm and 20mm), which are both smaller and lighter than the standard tools, making them ideal for use in restricted spaces.  
Over time, you may need to adjust your ProClamp Tool.

An electric battery-operated clamp tool is now also available, complete with charger and spare battery, with separate jaws in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm.

Main Advantages of Buteline Clamp Tools

  • Case hardened, precision manufactured components mean consistent clamping force and many years of service
  • Easy to operate
  • ProClamp tools lock on and only release when the fitting has been fully clamped 
  • Positive stops on the standard Buteline clamp tools ensure a secure joint every time and guarantee that fittings will not be overstressed by too much clamping force
  • Well thought-out designs ensure problem-free clamping, even in restricted spaces, with reduced incidence of 'angled clamping'
  • Extremely easy to maintain


Buteline Clamp Tool Range: Standard Tools, 28mm Clamp Tool, ProClamp Tools, Electric Tool & Jaws


Download the Buteline Product Wallchart