Bute Gets You Going PackThe Buteline Plumbing System is designed for hot and cold water reticulation using Polybutene-1 (PB-1) pipe and thermoplastic polymer fittings, utilising Buteline's proven and efficient clamping technique.

Buteline always represents quality and only selects materials which are specifically designed for their applications.

* Please note that 'Buteline' and 'Polybutene-1' ('Polybutylene') are not the same thing -- 'Buteline' refers to our brand of plumbing system (pipe, fittings, tools), 'Polybutene-1' is the name of the raw material from which plumbing pipe can be made.

Based on hydraulic engineering principles and backed by superior Buteline Polybutene-1 pipe coilsmanufacturing standards worldwide, Buteline's innovative products provide dependable plumbing solutions that are time-proven. Architects and specifiers are attracted by Buteline quality and security. The efficiency of installation appeals to tradesmen, and it is Buteline economics and reliability that are most important to end users' long-lasting peace of mind.

The Buteline Plumbing System has a proven performance record for over 35 years.

Why Plumbers use the Buteline Plumbing System

  • All pipe and polymer fittings are made in New Zealand -- Kiwi's supporting Kiwi's!
  • Lightweight, one-piece fittings design -- No O-rings, inserts or soldering required! (ie: No need to purchase plumbing consumables like flux, solder or gas refills)
  • Increased speed of installation compared to other systems means higher productivity
  • Can be installed with no connection to metals using our unique range of polymer fitting solutions
  • Ease of use, not geographically restricted by geothermal or hard water regions, long service life and professional results every time
  • Environmentally-friendly, corrosion resistant and no scale build-up
  • 50 years durability, 25 year guarantee and is stocked nationwide at leading plumbing merchants 
  • The team at Buteline NZ Ltd are readily available to assist you with the best customer service when and where required


New Zealand's Finest Plumbing System                  Matz Romo from Graham Anderson Plumbing demonstrating the 20mm ProClamp tool