The Buteline Guarantee

25 Year Guarantee

Buteline NZ Ltd warrants all of our pipes and fittings for 25 years from the date of manufacture against defects in manufacturing, provided the installation is carried out by a licensed plumber and in accordance with the latest version available at the date of installation of our Plumbers Technical & Installation Manual and complies with local and national plumbing regulations.

The Buteline Plumbing System meets the requirements of the NZ Building Code Durability Clause and meets the approved document G12 Water Supplies Acceptable Solutions (pages 21 and 23) through meeting Australia/New Zealand joint standard AS/NZS 2642.

It should be stated therefore that when the Buteline Plumbing System is installed to meet all the requirements of approved document G12 (Building Code first published July 1992) and the Buteline Plumbers Manual, the system (pipes and fittings) is guaranteed by Buteline NZ Ltd.

It should be noted that Gl2 “Acceptable Solutions” demands the use of a suitable tempering valve for all hot water systems to be utilised for personal hygiene.

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