ISO 9001Buteline designs, engineers and manufactures a world-acclaimed plumbing system for hot
and cold potable water for both domestic and commercial applications.

Established in 1980 by founding engineer David J Picton, we are proud to be a New Zealand owned and operated ISO 9001 certified company that supports local manufacturing and design.
As a manufacturer we are able to supply to meet local demand while closely monitoring and testing product quality.

Buteline has grown from a small family business to a dynamic international company, exporting to Australia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the Pacific Islands.

Today, Managing Director and David's son, Llewellyn Picton, continues with his team to uphold a commitment that was made from the very beginning -- to provide the market with secure, modern and time-saving professional plumbing solutions. 

Our commitment to NZ made, excellence and innovation continues to be evident with the products shipped from our headquarters here in Auckland, New Zealand.