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Pipe Performance Standards
PBPSA Pipe Performance Standards.pdf
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28mm Clamp Tool Adjustment Instructions
28mm Clamp Tool Adjustment Instructions LR (Nov 11).pdf
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Assurance for a Quality Installation DLE
Assurance for a Quality Installation DLE LR.pdf
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AU Overview Brochure with Product Wallchart
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BP15 Test Plug
Buteline BP15 Test Plug A5 Flyer LR.pdf
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Buteline Australia Product Wallchart
AUWC0714 Bute A2 Product Wallchart - July 2014.pdf
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Buteline Bute-1 Product Video linkView Link
Buteline Pipe Joint Strength Demo (video) linkView Link
How To Test If Your FR Clamp Tool Is Worn linkView Link
Metal Framing Bracket Installation linkView Link
Excerpt of PBPSA PB-1 FAQ.pdf
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Pipe Performance Data: Long Term Burst linkView Link
Pipe Performance Flexibility
PBPSA Pipe Performance Flexibility.pdf
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Plumbers Clamp Tool Technical Guide
BLDLE0711 Clamp Tool DLE LR (Wed 20 Jul 11).pdf
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ProClamp Tool Adjustment Instructions
ProClamp Tool Adjustment Instructions 201010.pdf
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Recycled Water & Rainwater Systems Product Wallchart
AURRWC0714 Bute Recycled Water & Rainwater A3 Product Wallchart - July 2014.pdf
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