Buteline offer several innovative polymer fittings as an alternative to traditional brass fittings such as wingback elbows and manifolds.

These fittings are not only environmentally-better, they could save you up to 45% in cost!

Discover the other reasons for Polymer vs Brass

Lugged Elbows (BLE70 & BLE100)

These cost-effective fittings are so easy to use and are a great substitute for brass wingback elbows. There is no need for thread tape and they are 'all set to go' for testing so are very quick to install.Lugged Elbows (on-site)                              BLE70 Lugged Elbow


Bute-1 adjustable male wall elbowKnock off 3 hard hours of labour with the Bute-1!

This revolutionary fitting takes the concept of the traditional brass wingback elbow and offers more flexibility and ease of use.

The ability to adjust the length simply by pushing the elbow back after installation means no more measuring up or cutting off of brass thread. The fitting is screwed onto a metal brace so there is no more measuring up and cutting up of wooden nogs letting you save even more time and making things even easier.

Watch this video for more information, or contact us today for a free demonstration!

Cross Fittings (CX range)

Reducing CrossButeline cross fittings are versatile and cater for all situations where you require a manifold-type joint.

There's no need to carry around extra stock -- with the various reducing and equal crosses we offer and large range of tee fittings, it's just so easy to quickly make up your own custom manifolds!

                            Manifold Combo 1        Manifold Combo 2