15 September 2010


Buteline have recently introduced to New Zealand, the new Professional Tradesman's Tool - The ProClamp Tool.

This ratchet style tool gives a confirmed clamp every time, locking on and only releasing when the fitting has been fully clamped. This takes away any possible error of judgement by the operator and gives a watertight joint with every clamp.

This new tool is easier to use than any other tool for equivalent use in the market, and has been specifically designed for use with the Buteline Plumbing System.

The Bute ProClamp Tool is available in 15mm and 20mm, and the ergo-grip handles are colour-coded for easy identification while using onsite - blue handles for the 15mm tool and yellow for the 20mm one.

  • Small and robust design - ideal for use in restricted spaces
  • Ratchet style tool with locking mechanism ensures a full clamp is achieved
  • Effortless to operate
  • Colour-coded handles for easy identification of size

See instore for our marketing material featuring Stacey Jones - just like he was, this tool is Compact. Robust. Tough.


For more information, contact your local plumbing merchant, your local Buteline representative, or call 0800 BUTELINE.