Red Pipe Clips for Hot Water Line

03 April 2014

Bute Pipe Clips are now available in red for use on pipes for the hot water line.Product Codes:BAR18 - 18mmBAR22 - 22mmEnquire at your local plumbing merchant.  ...Read more»

28mm Brazing Tails

23 August 2013

Buteline introduces 28m Brazing Tails (BTF28) to make connecting to copper easier and more convenient -- you can save time and money by using the Buteline Plumbing System on larger bore (1") job applications!  Contact your local Buteline rep or merchant for more information....Read more»

Recycled Water Kits

16 August 2013

Buteline Recycled Water Kits save you time with no onsite brazing required, and are available in kits compatible with both our PE or PB Recycled Water pipes. RWK1 (kit compatible with PE Recycled Water system):  5/8"BSP x 20mm x 200mm Brass Male Wing Back Elbow 3/4" Cu x 20mm Brass Male Brazing Tail 5/8"BSP Brass Hex Cap 5/8"BSP Recycled Water Garden Tap Recycled Water Warning Sign RWK2...Read more»

Buteline Pipe in Conduit

22 July 2013

Now available on request, Buteline pipe in corrugated conduit will help you save time and improve your productivity onsite. Available in both 18mm and 22mm sizes in 25 metre length coils.Enquire now at your local plumbing merchant or freecall 1800 146 535 for more information.   ...Read more»

Spring 2012 Bute News

04 October 2012

Buteline's first ever edition of the Bute News in Australia features new Buteline products that will make plumbing easier for you and covers what's new in our latest Plumbers Technical & Installation Manual, a must for getting the best results on the job.There is also an introduction to our Pipe Joint Strength Demo (aka "The Tow Test") which you can...Read more»